Why Singaporeans prefer engaging wedding studios to freelancers

Many Singaporeans prefer engaging wedding studios to freelance wedding photographers, and there is little wonder to it.

A local wedding studio, or in another words local bridal photo studio, is generally more established than freelance wedding photographers. Wedding studios have been around for a long time, and you don’t see freelance wedding photographers with decades of experience in Singapore.

Why is this so?

The reason behind this is very simple – many established and capable wedding photographers went on to start their own wedding studios in Singapore. If they are really capable, their wedding studios will grow. Otherwise, their wedding studios will not be able to survive and these photographers will normally switch jobs. Hence, many experienced and capable wedding photographers in Singapore are attached to bridal photo studios. Singaporeans look for wedding studios precisely for these experienced wedding photographers. Freelance wedding photographers are mostly associated with mediocre skills. As Singaporeans go for quality when it comes to wedding photography, they would naturally opt for the conservative choice of engaging bridal studios.

Moreover, there is zero risk when it comes to the performance of service during the actual day. Customers are not afraid the wedding photographers would back out last minute if they engage a local bridal photo studio. This is because the bridal studio will comprises of many wedding photographers. If the allocated wedding photographer back out last minute due to any unforeseen circumstances, there are other wedding photographers to take over. This will not happen if the customers engage a freelance photographer. The customers will be left hanging their on their own if their freelance photographer walks away last minute. That will not be a pleasant situation as it will be very hard to find another capable photographer within a short notice.

This leads to the third point – wedding photo studios generally gives better quality work as they care more about their reputation as compared to freelance wedding photographers. Freelancers may not want to stay in the industry for long. Thus, there is a higher probability that freelancers will play punk as compared to wedding studios. Wedding studios will want to uphold and build their reputation, so they will give their best service to customers all the time.

All in all, a wedding studio is preferred due to its superior photography skills and customer service. These two factors are highly regarded by Singaporeans when they look for photographers. It will be unwise to trade savings for inferior quality when it comes to something so important like wedding photographs.

Breaking into the Singapore wedding photography niche

It is a well known fact that Singapore wedding photography niche is small and enclosed. This tight community of wedding photographers in Singapore probably knows one another and wants to keep their community small. Part of their reasons in doing so is because a smaller community of wedding photographers will ensure a bigger pie of the market for everyone. This is basic economics in business. With the demand of services maintained, if the supply of the services increases, the number of sales for each existing players will get eroded. The price of their wedding photography services may even be lowered due to the heightened competition. The second reason is doing so is because they have a strict criteria before they accept new player as a professional wedding photographer in Singapore. Birds of the same feather flock together. The new comer who wants to join the wedding photography community must be able to prove his competence and cliques well with the fellow established wedding photographers in Singapore.

While it is hard, it is definitely not impossible to break into the Singapore wedding photography niche. Here’s some ways on how you can build your brand and earn recognition from the fellow wedding photographers.

Build up your wedding photography knowledge and skills
You will need to impress the existing wedding photographers in the market when you first meet them. You will need to show that you are serious in becoming a professional wedding photographer like them. You will need to show them that you have got some skills. You will have to show that that you are capable. No ones love to spoon feed another person. Hence, start your wedding photographer journey by learning up on them via books and the internet. There is a whole lot of interesting and useful materials out there which are publicly available. You will just need to devote your time in learning them.

In addition, practice makes perfect. Grab a camera and snap away. Try to take as many pictures as you can and nurture your photography talent. Learn from each of your shots.

Exchanges ideas with the existing wedding photographers
Try to interact with the existing wedding photographers. At the start, it may be daunting as they may not be responsive to you. However, do not give up and keep on engaging them with new ideas. Once they are touched by your sincerity and passion for photography, they will start to treat you well and give you photography advice. From then onward, you can learn a lot from them. It is better and much faster to learn from others’ mistakes. Learn from the existing photographers and try not to repeat the same mistake like they did. You can interact with the photographers via online forums, mobile or face to face meet ups. Be aware that only if you have connections with these professional wedding photographers directly or people who knows these photographers, you will then have a shot of getting their mobile number or arrange a face to face meet up right from the start.

4 Tips for couples having wedding photo shoots in Singapore

Wedding photo shoots are exciting events. Many people do not think much about preparing for wedding photo shoots. How difficult can wedding photo shoot gets anyway? Well, there are actually a lot of things you should prepare for wedding photo shoots, especially if you are having the photo shoots outdoors.

So here are some tips for couples who plan to have their wedding photo shoots in Singapore.

1. Rest adequately before the photo shoot

Have enough rest. This cannot be undermined. Only when the couples are rested enough, they will look their best naturally. Do not depend on just the make-ups. In my opinion, make-ups can only aid in beautifying the physical appearance to a certain extent. If the couples want to be in their 100% best condition, adequate rest is an essential factor. For instance, the amount of radiance coming from a smile when a person is tired as compared to when the person is energetic will have an enormous difference.

2. Apply adequate sunscreen

Not only will the couples want to look their best, they will want to protect themselves during the photo shoots too. The sun can be very glaring and strong during the photo shoots in Singapore. In order to protect the couples from the harmful UV rays during the lengthy photo shoots which usually take between 3 to 10 hours, the couples should apply adequate sunscreen to protect themselves. Couples will not want to end up with heat rashes or an extremely tanned skin after the photo shoot.

3. Take frequent breaks
Singapore is a very hot and humid country. Standing under the hot sun for hours at one go is no joke. Couples should take frequent breaks during the photo shoots to cool themselves down and to recharge. Every 15 to 30 minutes, take a quick 5 minutes break under a shelter. Have some iced drinks and have a face wash to freshen up if necessary. It will do tremendous help to the couples’ physical and mental state, and keep them looking their best. If the couples stand under the hot sun for hours, they could easily be wore up, perspire dramatically, and feel uncomfortable. This will hugely affect the couples’ performance during the photo shoots.

4. Get a helper to handle your logistics
The couples will need to carry a lot of stuffs with them during the wedding photo shoots, such as different sets of wedding clothes, make-up, and water. They cannot expect the wedding photographer to help them with their items as the photographer will have a lot of things to carry by himself too. It will be very ideal if a helper can be engaged to help carry the stuffs around for the couples during the photo shoots. This will reduce a lot of physical stress from the couples so that the couples can reserve their energy solely for the photo shoots.

All About Singapore Wedding Photographs

Do you know that the types of wedding imageries taken in Singapore are vastly different even compared to those taken in Indonesia and Malaysia, which are neighbouring places to Singapore? You can simply check out the imagery on Grandeur Wedding Studio (http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore) if you don’t know what i mean!

Why is that so? This is because Singapore is predominantly Chinese, and thus you will find that many marriage customs for Chinese in Singapore are very traditional still and quite similar to that of China. Here are some of them.

  • The children (or rather, the couple) will be having a tea ceremony (instead of a tea party) where they will be kneeling down to each other’s parents and toasting them a cup of tea each. This signifies respecting the elders as well as seeking their blessings for their marriage.
  • Instead of living together before marriage which is quite common among Westerners, most Chinese couples in Singapore live with their parents until their marriage. This means that the bride will usually be at her parents’ house and spend the morning there with her bridesmaids putting on make up e.t.c. for her. Then, the groom will arrive with the best men and then have the tea ceremony and pick up the bride.
  • One thing you will notice about wedding photography in Singapore is that there will be many different backdrops. This is because the couple will be at the bride’s parents’ house in the morning, the groom’s parents’ house later on, and then they will then proceed to rest in the afternoon while preparing for the dinner’s banquet. This process is quite common among most Chinese couples getting married within Singapore.
  • Finally, you will notice that wedding photographs of the dinner banquet will most likely be at a restaurant at a posh hotel. This is because ‘face’ is very important to many Asians.