Be understanding to your Singapore wedding photographer

Singapore wedding photographers are human too. They need to be respected when doing their jobs. I have seen first hand how some couples unreasonably demand and negotiate terms with wedding photographers. Sometimes, I wonder how these wedding photographers bear with their customers. The world can be a much happier place if everyone start to compromise with each other.

During a wedding photo shoot by a wedding photographer from GWS, I witnessed a couple demand the photographer to take numerous shots of the couple who were just striking a single pose from different angles. It would be alright if the couple just demanded the photographer to take a few shots according to their specific requirements. However, this continued on for at least half an hour. I could sense the awkward atmosphere and especially feel for the photographer. Wedding photographers should have the rights to take the photographs anyway they want it. They are the artist, the photographer after all. Who will bear the responsibility if the shots turned out not meeting expectations if the photographers were merely following the customers’ orders during the photo shoot?

In addition, some couples demand the photographers to buy them drinks during the breaks. Indeed, the couples are working hard during the photo shoot. But so is the photographer. Some customers thinks that just because they are the ones paying for the service, the vendor must do all it takes to make them happy and satisfied. Surely, the photographers must produce a good job with regards to the photography work. In my opinion, anything else will depend on the photographer’s will. If the photographer is not willing to do it for the customers, he is not wrong too.

Other common misunderstandings that sometimes arise is due to pricing reasons. Some extra fees charged by the photographers are not accepted by the customers. I will ask the customers to put themselves in the shoes of the photographers and reevaluate the situation again. Do they still feel the same way? For instance, it is a standard practice for photographers to charge extra for waking up extra early to go to the customer’s specified location for photo shoot. This usually happens during the actual day wedding photography where customers will want the photographers to arrive at their house early in the morning to take pictures of them preparing for the big day. It is definitely reasonable to place a premium for this additional service standards, and also to cover the transportation cost during the wee hours where public transports may not be operational yet.

Breaking into the Singapore wedding photography niche

It is a well known fact that Singapore wedding photography niche is small and enclosed. This tight community of wedding photographers in Singapore probably knows one another and wants to keep their community small. Part of their reasons in doing so is because a smaller community of wedding photographers will ensure a bigger pie of the market for everyone. This is basic economics in business. With the demand of services maintained, if the supply of the services increases, the number of sales for each existing players will get eroded. The price of their wedding photography services may even be lowered due to the heightened competition. The second reason is doing so is because they have a strict criteria before they accept new player as a professional wedding photographer in Singapore. Birds of the same feather flock together. The new comer who wants to join the wedding photography community must be able to prove his competence and cliques well with the fellow established wedding photographers in Singapore.

While it is hard, it is definitely not impossible to break into the Singapore wedding photography niche. Here’s some ways on how you can build your brand and earn recognition from the fellow wedding photographers.

Build up your wedding photography knowledge and skills
You will need to impress the existing wedding photographers in the market when you first meet them. You will need to show that you are serious in becoming a professional wedding photographer like them. You will need to show them that you have got some skills. You will have to show that that you are capable. No ones love to spoon feed another person. Hence, start your wedding photographer journey by learning up on them via books and the internet. There is a whole lot of interesting and useful materials out there which are publicly available. You will just need to devote your time in learning them.

In addition, practice makes perfect. Grab a camera and snap away. Try to take as many pictures as you can and nurture your photography talent. Learn from each of your shots.

Exchanges ideas with the existing wedding photographers
Try to interact with the existing wedding photographers. At the start, it may be daunting as they may not be responsive to you. However, do not give up and keep on engaging them with new ideas. Once they are touched by your sincerity and passion for photography, they will start to treat you well and give you photography advice. From then onward, you can learn a lot from them. It is better and much faster to learn from others’ mistakes. Learn from the existing photographers and try not to repeat the same mistake like they did. You can interact with the photographers via online forums, mobile or face to face meet ups. Be aware that only if you have connections with these professional wedding photographers directly or people who knows these photographers, you will then have a shot of getting their mobile number or arrange a face to face meet up right from the start.

Process of selecting a wedding photographer in Singapore

How do people select a wedding photographer in Singapore?

We shall answer this in great detail with this blog post.

First, you should understand that Singaporeans love to get the best deals for themselves. Whenever they go shopping, they would find and purchase items which prove to be most value for money in the market. This demanding characteristics of the consumers in Singapore partly contributed to the competitive business landscape in Singapore. Businesses will want their items to be seen to be the best value for money in the market so that consumers will choose them. This will result in a long research phase during the shopping life cycle.

Singaporeans use a variety of methods to research about potential wedding photographers to hire. In the past, Singaporeans mainly ask around their social circles for recommendations of good wedding photographers in Singapore. Word of mouth marketing is a really powerful tool since last time. They trust their social circles on the given recommendations and advice. If their social circle does not have any clue about good photographers in Singapore, then Singaporeans will search through yellow pages and newspaper for photographers’ advertisements. Usually, only the good wedding photographers will be able to afford advertising anyway. The mediocre photographers will not have enough money to sustain ongoing advertising costs.

Apart from these two methods, Singaporeans today also rely on internet to search for wedding photographers. It is easy to find potential wedding photographers in Singapore on online forums, search engines, and also wedding blogs. This actually gives a more equal playing field for the wedding photographers in Singapore.

After finalizing the list of wedding photographers in Singapore, Singaporeans will then meet up wedding photographers to get to know more about the wedding photographer and their services. It is a standard practice by wedding studios in Singapore like Dream Wedding Studio and Grandeur Wedding Studio ( to send their photographers down to meet the interested wedding prospects. Without meeting up, it is actually hard to close the wedding prospects. Wedding studios do not close the prospects simply through online communication. In Singapore, people prefer to meet up to get things sorted out.

Through the meet up, customers can find out whether the photographer is suitable for them. If they do not like the photographer’s attitude or services, they will continue with the next meet up with another photographer. Chemistry is very important when selecting wedding photographers. Truth be told, the couples must be able to feel comfortable around the photographer so that they can be in their most relaxed state during wedding photo shoot.