Cultural factors to take note when renting wedding gowns in Singapore

Different countries and races have their own unique cultures. Having unique cultures will bind people to a standard set of actions and behaviors when handling different types of situations. This also applies to wedding gown rental. There are some cultural factors brides should take note when they want to rent wedding gowns in Singapore. The different sets of cultural approaches to it depends on the race of the bride.

Color of the wedding gown
The most common color that brides choose will definitely be pure white. White symbolizes purity and this definition is consensual across all races in the world. Therefore, regardless of their race, you can see that brides will normally wear at least a white gown during their actual wedding day and also during their pre wedding photo shoot. Chinese, Malays, Indians, Westerners – there are no exceptions to this. In fact, western brides would normally only go for white gowns. The other races have their own unique cultural approaches when using the color of the wedding gown.

For instance, not only does red look good, red also symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the Chinese. Hence, Chinese brides would normally don a red wedding gown during the actual day wedding, especially during the tea ceremony with the couples’ parents in the morning. On the other hand, green is a traditional color of Islam and is favored by the Malay brides. Hence, they would also choose a green wedding gown and wear them on the actual wedding day too. Indian brides love gold. Gold represents prosperity and is a symbol of status and stability for Indians. During Indian weddings, you will see lots of gold. Hence, apart from their golden headdresses, Indian brides will choose a wedding gown with some gold on them too.

Design of the wedding gown
Western brides go for the trendy look. They do not mind shorter, revealing or tight-fitting wedding gowns which will show off their beautiful body shapes. However, for the Chinese, Malay, and Indian brides, most of them will follow the traditional way of not revealing too much of their bodies. It is to be noted that Chinese brides may choose wedding gowns with some phoenix embroideries as phoenix represents the epitome of Chinese women. For the Malay and Indian brides, their wedding gowns will normally be made of up plain colors.

Date of choosing the wedding gown
Lastly, there may be restrictions to even the date of selecting the wedding gown. This applies mainly to the Chinese brides. It is the Chinese culture to pick an auspicious date not only for the date of marriage, but also for the selection of wedding gowns. Chinese believe that this will accumulate luck and ensure a smoother process ahead.

As you can see, there are a lot of wisdom behind choosing a wedding gown in Singapore. Wedding planners need to know these information in order to provide the best advice and also to be sensitive to their different customers in Singapore.