4 Tips for couples having wedding photo shoots in Singapore

Wedding photo shoots are exciting events. Many people do not think much about preparing for wedding photo shoots. How difficult can wedding photo shoot gets anyway? Well, there are actually a lot of things you should prepare for wedding photo shoots, especially if you are having the photo shoots outdoors.

So here are some tips for couples who plan to have their wedding photo shoots in Singapore.

1. Rest adequately before the photo shoot

Have enough rest. This cannot be undermined. Only when the couples are rested enough, they will look their best naturally. Do not depend on just the make-ups. In my opinion, make-ups can only aid in beautifying the physical appearance to a certain extent. If the couples want to be in their 100% best condition, adequate rest is an essential factor. For instance, the amount of radiance coming from a smile when a person is tired as compared to when the person is energetic will have an enormous difference.

2. Apply adequate sunscreen

Not only will the couples want to look their best, they will want to protect themselves during the photo shoots too. The sun can be very glaring and strong during the photo shoots in Singapore. In order to protect the couples from the harmful UV rays during the lengthy photo shoots which usually take between 3 to 10 hours, the couples should apply adequate sunscreen to protect themselves. Couples will not want to end up with heat rashes or an extremely tanned skin after the photo shoot.

3. Take frequent breaks
Singapore is a very hot and humid country. Standing under the hot sun for hours at one go is no joke. Couples should take frequent breaks during the photo shoots to cool themselves down and to recharge. Every 15 to 30 minutes, take a quick 5 minutes break under a shelter. Have some iced drinks and have a face wash to freshen up if necessary. It will do tremendous help to the couples’ physical and mental state, and keep them looking their best. If the couples stand under the hot sun for hours, they could easily be wore up, perspire dramatically, and feel uncomfortable. This will hugely affect the couples’ performance during the photo shoots.

4. Get a helper to handle your logistics
The couples will need to carry a lot of stuffs with them during the wedding photo shoots, such as different sets of wedding clothes, make-up, and water. They cannot expect the wedding photographer to help them with their items as the photographer will have a lot of things to carry by himself too. It will be very ideal if a helper can be engaged to help carry the stuffs around for the couples during the photo shoots. This will reduce a lot of physical stress from the couples so that the couples can reserve their energy solely for the photo shoots.