Breaking into the Singapore wedding photography niche

It is a well known fact that Singapore wedding photography niche is small and enclosed. This tight community of wedding photographers in Singapore probably knows one another and wants to keep their community small. Part of their reasons in doing so is because a smaller community of wedding photographers will ensure a bigger pie of the market for everyone. This is basic economics in business. With the demand of services maintained, if the supply of the services increases, the number of sales for each existing players will get eroded. The price of their wedding photography services may even be lowered due to the heightened competition. The second reason is doing so is because they have a strict criteria before they accept new player as a professional wedding photographer in Singapore. Birds of the same feather flock together. The new comer who wants to join the wedding photography community must be able to prove his competence and cliques well with the fellow established wedding photographers in Singapore.

While it is hard, it is definitely not impossible to break into the Singapore wedding photography niche. Here’s some ways on how you can build your brand and earn recognition from the fellow wedding photographers.

Build up your wedding photography knowledge and skills
You will need to impress the existing wedding photographers in the market when you first meet them. You will need to show that you are serious in becoming a professional wedding photographer like them. You will need to show them that you have got some skills. You will have to show that that you are capable. No ones love to spoon feed another person. Hence, start your wedding photographer journey by learning up on them via books and the internet. There is a whole lot of interesting and useful materials out there which are publicly available. You will just need to devote your time in learning them.

In addition, practice makes perfect. Grab a camera and snap away. Try to take as many pictures as you can and nurture your photography talent. Learn from each of your shots.

Exchanges ideas with the existing wedding photographers
Try to interact with the existing wedding photographers. At the start, it may be daunting as they may not be responsive to you. However, do not give up and keep on engaging them with new ideas. Once they are touched by your sincerity and passion for photography, they will start to treat you well and give you photography advice. From then onward, you can learn a lot from them. It is better and much faster to learn from others’ mistakes. Learn from the existing photographers and try not to repeat the same mistake like they did. You can interact with the photographers via online forums, mobile or face to face meet ups. Be aware that only if you have connections with these professional wedding photographers directly or people who knows these photographers, you will then have a shot of getting their mobile number or arrange a face to face meet up right from the start.