Why Singaporeans prefer engaging wedding studios to freelancers

Many Singaporeans prefer engaging wedding studios to freelance wedding photographers, and there is little wonder to it.

A local wedding studio, or in another words local bridal photo studio, is generally more established than freelance wedding photographers. Wedding studios have been around for a long time, and you don’t see freelance wedding photographers with decades of experience in Singapore.

Why is this so?

The reason behind this is very simple – many established and capable wedding photographers went on to start their own wedding studios in Singapore. If they are really capable, their wedding studios will grow. Otherwise, their wedding studios will not be able to survive and these photographers will normally switch jobs. Hence, many experienced and capable wedding photographers in Singapore are attached to bridal photo studios. Singaporeans look for wedding studios precisely for these experienced wedding photographers. Freelance wedding photographers are mostly associated with mediocre skills. As Singaporeans go for quality when it comes to wedding photography, they would naturally opt for the conservative choice of engaging bridal studios.

Moreover, there is zero risk when it comes to the performance of service during the actual day. Customers are not afraid the wedding photographers would back out last minute if they engage a local bridal photo studio. This is because the bridal studio will comprises of many wedding photographers. If the allocated wedding photographer back out last minute due to any unforeseen circumstances, there are other wedding photographers to take over. This will not happen if the customers engage a freelance photographer. The customers will be left hanging their on their own if their freelance photographer walks away last minute. That will not be a pleasant situation as it will be very hard to find another capable photographer within a short notice.

This leads to the third point – wedding photo studios generally gives better quality work as they care more about their reputation as compared to freelance wedding photographers. Freelancers may not want to stay in the industry for long. Thus, there is a higher probability that freelancers will play punk as compared to wedding studios. Wedding studios will want to uphold and build their reputation, so they will give their best service to customers all the time.

All in all, a wedding studio is preferred due to its superior photography skills and customer service. These two factors are highly regarded by Singaporeans when they look for photographers. It will be unwise to trade savings for inferior quality when it comes to something so important like wedding photographs.

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